About Us

FrontPage Local is a full-service Digital Agency whose sole mission is to help our clients the best possible ROI of any marketing channel.  All of our packages include a combination of Professional web-design with complete “Digital Optimization” to help our clients get more customers.

So what is “Digital Optimization”?? Well, it’s essentially what’s needed to achieve what the Yellow Pages and 411 (alone) used to do. In today's ever-changing digital climate, it’s Social Networks, Online Maps, Directories, and the ever-expanding world of mobile devices, tablets, GPS systems and SmartPhones.

In fact, the bulk of our fee is not even for website/hosting fees; it’s for the continued execution of a proven digital marketing strategy that includes a combination of search engine optimization, social networking, and most importantly, mobile optimization.

Most small businesses may only think they need to get listed on one directory, map, or just get a website and the rest falls into place. The problem with this way of thinking is that this is simply not the way things work these days. In order to survive and compete with the “Big Guys” - The National Brands - you need to actually compete. You need a proven strategy that will bring your company into the Digital Age.

The way people look for products and services these days is changing dramatically. Having a high quality website is important, but it’s only one small aspect that will bring you new customers. More and more, people are looking for these products and services while out and about - from mobile devices like smartphones and in-car navigation systems/GPS. So what’s the big difference of becoming more visible from a typical web search (from pc/laptop) as opposed to a mobile device? Customers are 10x more likely to take immediate action when search for products and services on a mobile device.


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