Case Studies

Pet Hospital of North Park  has doubled it’s business in the last year, adding 600 new clients.  As of June 1st, we are well on our way!  The money I spend with Frontpage Local on internet marketing has far exceeded any other marketing investment I have ever made.  My return on investment is an incredible 30 to 1.  The typical client brings me nearly $600 in revenues per year and increases the value of my company exponentially.   

-Dr. Osawa, Pet Hospital of North Park of  San Diego, CA




FrontPage Local has done very well for us.  We’ve had a substantial increase in web site visitors and they even got us on the front page of Google  since we started with them.  We have seen an increase in sales as a direct result of their internet marketing activities.  I would recommend them to any company that needs to generate more customers and sales.  

-Larry Reynolds, The Hitch House Inc. of Stockton, CA





I have been working with Jon over at FrontPageLocal for over a year and couldn’t be happier.  Every day I see more and more improvement to my dentistry business.  Jon is  not only attentive to my needs, but he has also educated me on the necessity of having a strong mobile and social presence.  He has really taken the time to make me understand how what he does affects my business in such a positive way.   In the past, I used to dread making marketing decisions.  The decision to use FrontPageLocal has not only been very profitable, it is also very enjoyable and brings me great pride when my patients tell me of how impressed they are.  I recommend FrontPage Local to the highest degree.


-Dr. Safarian DMD, Irresistible Smiles Of Del Mar, CA



I give FrontPage Local 5 stars for your work with me on the Web site.  It's crisp and sophisticated and professional and lovely.  When I started the process with you folks, I was a true Webby Luddite.  The three of you walked me through the site's development with boundless patience and good cheer.  Moreover, not only did you embrace my suggestions when they met your quality standards, but you talked me out of "unsuitable" ideas.  

And you didn't let me malinger, either.  If I went more than a couple of days without responding to an e-mail, the phone would ring, and one of you would be on the line asking, "So, how's it going?"  Procrastination was definitely not the order of the day. 

The final proof, of course, will be the site's bringing me business.  But I think that your service has done about all it can to set me on a profitable path.  Thanks, Guys.

-Sigrid Gustafson Ph.D.


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