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Search Engine Optimization

FrontPage Local provides search engine optimization (SEO) services to improve a web site's natural search result rankings. Top natural search rankings result in increased web site traffic which lead to sales, sign-ups, calls or any other call-to-action a web site contains.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search engine optimization is the ongoing process of improving your web site's exposure in the natural (non pay-per-click) search results. Specifically, search engine optimization or SEO is a series of on-site and off-site optimization techniques that enhance your web site's relevancy to meet the algorithmic criteria of the major search engines such as Google.

On-site optimization is the process of modifying your site content to include all the elements that major search engines factor in their ranking algorithm. Off-site optimization is based around building inbound links to your site to enhance your site's link popularity. Proper optimization, both on-site and off, helps achieve the relevancy needed to attain top natural search rankings.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process
We perform search engine optimization services on a month-to-month basis to attain and maintain top natural search rankings. We first establish your goals and objectives in the process as well as the keyword phrases you would like our efforts focused towards. We then perform extensive keyword and inbound link research to see if the site has any existing keyword rankings or inbound links. With this information, we implement a plan that addresses your site's on-site and off-site optimization needs.

At the end of each monthly term, you are provided an updated ranking report that shows all keyword phrase listings and their progress in each search engine since the campaign started. You also receive a comprehensive list of all inbound links built to your site during that month. Analysis is provided in addition to these reports so you understand exactly how your SEO campaign is progressing. Each month, we continue the processes to not only attain top natural search rankings, but maintain them from competition.

Why Use Our Search Engine Optimization Services?
As a month-to-month service, we prove ourselves each month by providing you with noticeable and measurable results. Every month, you receive reports updating your ranking progress, but more importantly, you'll understand what that progress really means. With increasing competition and ever-changing search engine technology, we make sure your site stays ahead of the curve so your results are not only attained, but maintained.

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So you now have an amazing Web 2.0 site with great design, putting you on the same playing field as the National and Global Enterprises, the “Big Guys,” that small businesses like yours must compete with these days. The visitors will just come pouring in, right? WRONG.

Any successful marketing strategy involves a multi-pronged strategy; with traffic from multiple online and offline channels like paid advertising, Social sites and Organic Traffic (with SEO). These companies have seemingly unlimited resources with an enormous staff of experienced professionals, all trained to take you out.

The bad news: Yes, you need an enterprise-level marketing strategy and plan to compete, or you will lose.

The Good News: FrontPage Local has the resources, strategies and highly skilled staff of professionals and Tech-Geeks that are all used in every single one of the affordable Packages we offer to our Clients.  

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